Briarwood – is the 5th nail polish in Burne-Jones Dream Collection by British indie brand A-England.

I received it just before this weekend as soon as it became available to order and today I invite you to join me to have a better look at this holographic beauty. (picture heavy!!! beware if your traffic is limited)

Briarwood A-England

Briarwood by A-England is the 5th polish from Burne-Jones Dream Collection

“The fateful slumber floats and flows
About the tangle of the rose.
But lo the fated hand and heart
To rend the slumberous curse apart…”
by William Morris


Inspiration: Briarwood is one of the series of paintings by Edward Burne-Jones from Buscot Park, Oxfordshire, UK

Its very hard to re-write about something of that level, so I give you a chance to explore this bit of history of The Legend of the Briar Rose (more and widely known worldwide as Sleeping Beauty) using WWW.

However, when things like nail polish, or the whole collection of it, are inspired by such beautiful things, they become just a little more than a nail polish. And to prove that is Briarwood.

Briarwood nail polish

At first, I wanted to create the special atmosphere and re-tell the story in full glory, but that would have taken ages to prepare and realize. So without further ado, I’ll just try to show you, in my opinion, the best polish ever created by A-England (and I’m a fan (big time!) of absolutely stunning St George and Tristam – look at the recent video of Tristam in sidebar, if you haven’t seen it yet)

Briarwood by A-England macro in a bottle

Pictures say it better than thousand words, but believe me, even these pictures can’t translate the magic through the camera and screen! And I tried my best!


Just look at the miriad of tiny coloured flecks reflecting sun or flash light and make you stare at your hands all day long, no matter what!


Seemingly “quiet” in certain light conditions, both nail polish in the bottle and on your hands explode with thousands sparkes of various colours, creating a some sort of green-golden voile over the dark and well-pigmented base, which overall reminds me of very expensive Shantung silk fabric.

Base colour is brown with a lot of microhimmer in dark red. Therefore, colour shifts from dark brown to deep wine shade, depending on light around you. Scattered holo is present in abandance but almost invisible in regular room light conditions.



Briarwood by A-England (close up view)

Enchanted Briarwood nail polish

“Enchanted” – Briarwood nail polish


Briarwood by A-England (macro)


Briarwood by A-England can be like satin...

Briarwood by A-England can be like satin…

or could be like a jewel...

or could be like a multifaceted jewel, shining in the sun…

Briarwood (close up)

Briarwood (close up with flash)


Briarwood nail polish shot from a distance

Briarwood in the late afternoon sunlight

Briarwood in the late afternoon sunlight


Briarwood by A-England

A-England Briarwood nail polish (with flash)

Technical info:

I wore this manicure for 3 days (and this is only because I had a fight with my wine cooler :0) to the point when my nails suffered and thus lost the battle) Briarwood nail polish is easy to use and with certain skills you can only apply one coat. Due to the maintained routine with my nails, I always apply basecoat and for holographic & metallic nailpolishes I usually use Aqua Base to smooth the surface of the nail even more.


1 coat of Jessica Rejuvenation  basecoat for Dry Nails +

1 coat of Nfu Oh Aqua Base

2 coats of Briarwood nail polish (if you are live in the UK, you can buy Burne-Jones Dream collection & other A-England nail polishes here or look up info about their stockists internationally, as there is no deliveries overseas at present)

Top: 1 coat of Nubar Diamont Seal & Shine Topcoat (except the index finger, which suffered a break in the process and been repainted without topcoat)

Disclaimer: some product links in this post are affiliate links, which might help in supporting this website, however the choice & use of products is not affected by any third party and financed solely & exclusively by the owner of this blog.

Do you like A-England nail polishes? What are your favourite colours? Do you know about this brand? Share your thoughts with me, please.


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